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  Rim Dr, Oregon

Wells Fargo History

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Terry Richard, the Oregonian - Astoria

Smithsonian's Susan Spano best small towns to visit

Dutch Bros Coffee

Yelp Page

Yelp Page

Yelp Page

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Coast Explorer - Regal Eagles

Eugene Cascades and Coast - Florence

Eugene Cascades and Coast

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List o ghost towns in Oregon

Oregon Photo Guide, Top Oregon Hiking and Photography Destinations

Heart of the Columbia River Gorge

 2011 06 28 -- Rolling along US-20 west 

 2011 06 28 -- Restaurant in the middle of nowhere between Burns and Bend 

 2011 06 30 

 2011 06 30 -- Coming down US-101 from the north 

 2009 05 29 -- Jackson County Sheriff 
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